ModEM-Geophysics Inc.
ModEM geophysics was incorporated in the state of Oregon, USA, by Prof. Gary Egbert, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University (OSU). The company was founded to commercialize and support the ModEM geophysical inversion software developed at OSU by Prof. Egbert, with substantial contributions from co-workers Drs. Naser Meqbel and Anna Kelbert. ModEM Geophysics Inc., has obtained exclusive commercial rights to the ModEM software from OSU, but works closely with Consulting for Geo-services (Dr. Naser Meqbel) to license, support, and further develop these codes for commercial use.
Prof. Egbert has also developed advanced methods for data assimilative modeling of global ocean tides, which have been used to create an accurate multi-resolution global atlas of tidal heights and currents. ModEM geophysics has obtained exclusive commercial rights to this tidal atlas, which can be licensed for commercial use through the company.