Full inversion services of client data
ModEM Geophysics can also invert and consult on interpretation of your EM dataset. For this service, powerful computational facilities are available through collaboration with KMS Technologies; the client may also provide computational resources if desired. While details will clearly depend on the specific project and client needs, a typical workflow and deliverables might be:

Client provides processed MT (or other EM) data in EDI (or similar format) files, with station coordinates, topographic grid, and all geologic background required for model construction.

Modem Geophysics Inc. performs inversion work on the KMS cluster with support by KMS Technologies.

Task 1: Set up and run 3D inversion code to convergence, and produce an initial model for client. The client will provide feedback to guide model refinement.

Task 2: After feedback from the client, a final model will be produced, resulting in the following deliverables:

    • Inversion results provided to client as resistivity values on a spatially registered grid.
    • Reader visualization tools for plotting and exploring the 3D resistivity images.
    • Project report in the form of a PowerPoint file.

Follow up support includes rerunning the inversion up to 3 times over a period of up to one year, to refine results and/or test robustness of model features, providing all results to client.

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