Licensing, support for the ModEM codes and development of custom inversion
The stable, well-tested, 3D MT version of ModEM can be licensed for commercial use, with full support and training. In most cases the license offered is perpetual, and non-transferable, allowing installation and use on a single computer at any given time. Alternative licensing arrangements (e.g., royalty based, reduced cost for limited duration use) may be arranged in some circumstances. Reduced licensing costs may be available in for commercially funded research, by not-for-profit institution, e.g., governmental agencies or universities, engaged in commercially funded research that benefits the enterprise funding the work. Contact us for further details, and quotes for licensing fees.

All commercial licenses include training and support for the first year. Details (e.g., total hours of support and consulting provided) may depend on specific license arrangements. In general support includes:
    • Assistance with installation and initial testing of software on client computer.
    • Initial training, by phone, email, or other online media in use of the code. In person training sessions can be arranged for additional fees.
    • Bug fixes and updates to 3D-MT code for one year. Verified bugs will be fixed within 2 weeks of report by client.
    • Support for one year, including consulting and advice on program usage by phone, email or other online media: allowing multiple contacts for both quick and more involved questions (e.g., debugging input files).

Basic tools for model and data setup, and for display of inversion results, are included with the license, with training and support for these tools included as part of the basic training and support package described above.

Support beyond the first year, including any updates and improvements to the code, will be available, typically for 20% of initial license price. Continuing support includes installation and training on use of any upgrades, including consulting on new aspects of code use by an expert from ModEM Geophysics. Customer may resume support (and receive updated code versions) after a lapse in coverage, by remitting support payments for all years missed, or by purchase of a new license.