Tools to support inversion setup and result interpretation
In addition to the EM geophysical software and services ModEM Geophysics provides commercial licensing of TPXO a multi-resolution global atlas of ocean tides developed and maintained by Prof. G. Egbert and colleagues at Oregon State University. TPXO is a data assimilating hydrodynamic model, constrained by data from multiple satellite altimeter missions operated over the past 20 years. The TPXO model can be used with supporting software, to predict tidal heights and depth averaged currents at any location at any time. High-resolution (1/30 degree) local models are included for most coastal areas around the globe. The TPXO tidal model is freely available for non-commercial use via, where further details and documentation of the model can be found. To license TPXO for commercial use, contact G. D. Egbert through ModEM Geophysics.